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2017-04-13 13:52
Transformation – The Path to Leadership and Success - 25 to 26 March 2017 Göttweig Abbey


From 25 to 26 March 2017 the first of a new series of Waldzell Seminars took place at the Göttweig Abbey under the topic “Transformation – The Path to Leadership and Success”. It was an interactive journey based upon the Science of Kundalini Yoga, integrating the experiences and challenges of modern leaders by means of the legendary Glass Bead Game.


Leadership as the highest task of mankind. It demands control of the self and of external resources. It is based on the wise foresight to make control predictable and controllable. Leadership of several individuals also has the task of moderating and unifying contradictory interests in order to ensure a harmonious gait.

Several aspects of oneself must be congruent and have to run properly to be a leader and to be successful. To reach this target a leader has to undergo the process of gaining self-awareness, self-improvement and ultimately self-mastery. This is the key concept of Transformation – The Path to Leadership and Success. It is the mission of this new series of Waldzell Meetings to guide leaders on this path to self-mastery. Out of this personal growth, a well-balanced, successful, authentic person emerges. One who sees the world through a higher perspective and positively affects their specific sphere of influence.


To be “who we are” and the need to express it. These two things together establish a deep and constant connection with the flow of creative intelligence of the universe. This connection makes us unique and we will be respected, because we live our truth. To strive for self awareness makes us ‘a leader’, to accept to share the values and experiences with others along the journey makes us ‘successful’.

If we do not create and express from the reality of ourselves to deliver the best of ourselves and serve people and situations in need, we allow depression to take the best of us. This is the principle of misery, suffering and frustration. But if we have the courage to serve who we are instead of time or circumstances, we will experience what we don't yet know about ourselves, and we will be amazed by it. Success means to raise our consciousness on all levels of the subconscious, unconscious or semi-conscious.


“The waves of the brain, the thoughts and feelings, must be viewed by consciousness, tested by intelligence and executed under the total control of your own standard and status. Then you will have a state, then you will have an empire, then you will be the king of kings.”

Yogi Bhajan

Consciousness, a term that contains the meaning of reality, is a constant flow of clarity that highlights what is true. It means being constantly aware of the interaction of ourselves as a finite identity, with ourselves as infinite potential identity. Consciousness is when there is a temptation and there is a power and there is an attraction and there is a magnetic psyche which wants you to go in a way where you don't want to go and you stop it. That means you are conscious. You are alert, you are conscious and you are within your own control.

Intelligence is only a maneuvering power. Intelligence has no other purpose. You plan, you strategize things and you work it out, that's your intelligence. The use of the mind should be to create actions that manifest your purpose and the projection of your soul. The leader can sense and translate the reality that is happening to others. He can have a vision from it and create the next reality.

Values are defined as principal standards or qualities considered worthwhile or desirable. They are basic truths, laws, assumptions, moral or ethical standards of predetermined policies or modes of actions. They are criteria or a test of norms for comparison of quantitative or qualitative value, a degree of excellence or attainment, an identification of someone or something and their characteristics or attributes. Success is an orientation and you have to have a business standard to become successful.

Success only comes when you have a good status by your strategy and your state of mind and your state of body and your state of personality are perfect. Your state means, what you say without uttering a word and how much impact you can create without saying a word, that is your state. It is called “individual personality state”. Where there is a maturity there is no misery. Where there is a misery there is no maturity. Life is lived by maturity and not by commotions, emotions, feelings and all these traumas and dramas.

Our approach, our frequency, our projection and understanding of things is sometimes not as our status and maturity demand. Status, is given or achieved, and every status has a responsibility which demands of you the deliverance.


The Waldzell Seminar 2018 will take place from 17 to 18 March 2018. For more information, please contact us under

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