In this training we will:

  • awaken to our depth, our security, our identity and our strength as women. We will learn and understand what it means to be a woman - the sensitivity, grace, power and nobility that we can manifest simply by being born as a woman.

  • align our inner truth as women with our outer projection and role in this life.

  • share old secrets about women's health and nutrition and talk about important aspects of life, including love, relationships, marriage, communication, success, pregnancy.

  • understand and develop the special quality of female leadership in the Aquarian Age within ourselves.

All of this will make it possible to build our deep self-respect, our self-esteem and our self-love.
It will let us remember the divine nature of feminine energy as the embodiment of the Grace of God.
Energetically, we are awakening to the feminine polarity of our soul and to the universal flowing feminine force.
Together we will help to reintegrate the universal sacred feminine and goddess archetypes that have been repressed and unavailable in our collective psyche for way too long.

© Waldzell 2021
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The Waldzell Leadership Institute

The Waldzell Meetings established a platform for visionaries who deal with questions beyond our daily-life concerns to develop a more holistic view of the world. The Waldzell Leadership Institute translates this idea in concrete programs for leaders and corporations.
We are pioneers in delivering an ancient science which provides lifestyle, technology and strategies to be able to navigate successfully through the demanding life of a leader in difficult times.