Willigis Jäger

Willigis Jäger

Benedictine monk, Zen master, spiritual founder of the Benediktushof, cofounder of the Sonnenhof

Willigis Jäger represents a modern and trans- confessional spirituality, a spirituality which can answer the pressing questions of those on the spiritual path in the 21st century. As a Benedictine monk and Zen master, he is infl uenced by both Christian mysticism and Eastern Zen traditions, yet he also goes far beyond the traditional concepts of religion. His vision of an integral spirituality combines the treasures of religious expression from the east with the wisdom of the western tradition, while also including the latest insights from the world of science.

Willigis Jäger is the founder of the Benediktushof in Holzkirchen, a center for spiritual pathways, where he lives and works. He is also cofounder of the Sonnenhof in the Blackforest. His vision of a global spirituality is practiced by an ever growing community throughout the world. The Zen teachers appointed by him from the Sanbo-Kyodan-School, and the contemplation teachers from the School of Contemplation which he founded, are involved in spreading this spiritual message internationally.

Willigis Jäger is one of the great mystics and spiritual teachers of our time. In the courses and lectures he holds throughout the world, he directs people towards pathways of deep spiritual experience. The core of such deep spiritual experience holds the power of renewal for us not just as individuals, but also for the renewal of humanity and for all aspects of society.

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