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Psychology of Exellence

Psychology of Excellence

Training for Leaders in Business, Politics and Society

“Great leaders have always known that it is a continuous journey of self-discovery and self-growth and application of that knowledge that truly transforms.”

Psychology of Excellence is an in-depth leadership training designed to bring excellence and full self-realization. It contains the practical know-how that can lead us out of our personal pre-conceptions. These pre-conceptions limit us to living a life of average. They prevent us from exploring the bountiful inner resources of energy, skills, intuition and courage that lie inside each one of us. These resources make possible what in the restriction of mediocrity we could not imagine to be.

Psychology of Excellence allows us to be Master of the Mind. It is designed to cleanse the subconscious and to control its influence on the perception of reality. It creates a space of silence and a neutral openness so that the signs of our creative essence can be clearly felt. The applied techniques can be practiced by everyone (also sitting on a chair) and require no special physical or mental abilities.

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The Waldzell Meetings established a platform for visionaries who deal with questions beyond our daily-life concerns to develop a more holistic view of the world. The Waldzell Leadership Institute translates this idea in concrete programs for leaders and corporations.
We are pioneers in delivering an ancient science which provides lifestyle, technology and strategies to be able to navigate successfully through the demanding life of a leader in difficult times.