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“The global crisis is not an economic crisis it is a crisis of identity. The way out of this identity crisis ensuring a path of success for business in the future is to integrate the ancient wisdom and techniques of the East into modern economic concepts of the West."

Google and many other globally-successful corporations have embraced this ideal and have experienced firsthand how including yoga wisdom and yogic techniques empower the corporation and raise the quality of life of employees. The effect exponentially reaches into the consumer arena and engenders sustainability initiatives.

Our vision is that the human being is ontologically complete and therefore able to reverse the current crisis with individual effort. As humans we are capable to sense the reality of the changing world around us, perceive the subtle facets of each unique event, and compute the opportunities that arise from the environment. We are able to deal with any given circumstance or adversity and create welfare and prosperity for ourselves and others. We can apply the mind to succeed in any field we focus on.


Our expertise allows us to perceive the cause of the dysfunction that limits the success and we apply time and energy just in what is needed to restore the flow of energy for a healthy, wealthy and exertive corporation. 


Our uniqueness lies in applying the technology of an ancient science as an art to facilitate the process towards success, working transversally through the different organizational or individual systems or sectors of the whole organism of a corporation.


Therefore, we are very pragmatic, every concept and process we propose is always supported from a practical non-invasive technique that facilitates the understanding, the assimilation and integration in the personal and professional daily life.

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The Waldzell Leadership Institute

The Waldzell Meetings established a platform for visionaries who deal with questions beyond our daily-life concerns to develop a more holistic view of the world. The Waldzell Leadership Institute translates this idea in concrete programs for leaders and corporations.
We are pioneers in delivering an ancient science which provides lifestyle, technology and strategies to be able to navigate successfully through the demanding life of a leader in difficult times.