Voices of Participants

"I was guided by the call of my soul. It was so good to hear first time in my life, that leadership is when you lead yourself. Teacher is not somebody you have to always sit with, but sit as if you sit with the teacher, feel the flow of love from him/her. Simply feel how this person deliver, serves with open heart. Thank you Sadhana Singh. Thank you all wonderful people who taught, worked and helped us students to do this training."

Agnieszka Adi Shakti Kaur, Poland

"Looking at the world from infinity everything is at its place and I become borderless".

Andreas Budz Mohanjeet Singh, Austria

"I found this course very interesting, as always when dealing with Yogiji's teachings, but also very challenging with other experiences so far. The topics were all equally engaging, I do not know what to prefer: I think it will be necessary for me to let settle a little bit of everything then to seize the fruits of the work done.”

Carmen Zanol – Sant Saroop Kaur, Italy

"The whole teacher training program is a transformative journey showing a possible way of applying the teachings of Yogi Bhajan to address very practical issues of daily life and gain some insights into the role we play as spiritual beings in shaping our own reality. For me Kundalini yoga as a powerful spiritual practice offers a wonderful balance of devotion and power which by itself has impressive transformative effects on its practitioners. When we put it in the context of daily life and apply on our activities, we elevate not only ourselves but also situations we encounter, we take our whole life to another level – what would otherwise be ordinary becomes extraordinary. Grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the program."

Dunia Mladenic, Slovenia

"While doing this course I realized that all life is about Leadership. Whatever I do, it requires the awarness of who I am and what do I want, a true place to come from and stregth to go through challenges. For me this course gave all of this and much more: a way to a meaningful life, a community of like minded people, a way to home within myself."

Eva Kormos - Pavanjeet Kaur, Hungary

This teacher training has changed how I look at myself; - as a person and as a leader in business, and in life generally. I am forever in gratitude to Sadhana Singh, his amazing team of teachers and to myself for taking this path: – “The Science of Mind and Humanology in Leadership and Success”.

Sat Nam!

Hilde Slette - Harmanjeet Kaur, Norway

"My horizon has moved further on .......... A beautiful trip, an unmistakable opportunity for growth and inner enrichment."

Marco Sanna Jasneet Singh, Italy

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