Corporate Services

Corporate Services

“Great leaders have always known that it is a continuous journey of self-discovery and self-growth and application of that knowledge that truly transforms.”
The incredible pressure of the marketplace has lead company ceo’s and corporate boards to implement programs that offer an edge over the competition to achieve their goals. While these solutions may have resulted in improved customer service or a market-share increase, over time it has become clear that longterm we must return to the elementary concept that leadership is an inside job.

Our offerings at the Waldzell Leadership Institute are designed to bring excellence and full self-realization by accessing our deepest innate resources through the cleansing of our subconscious mental and emotional patterns that block us. The applied techniques and theoretical foundations derive from both the modern neurosciences and the ancient wisdom of Kundalini Yoga – an empowering technology that unfolds human excellence by mastering the mind. On this path of personal growth, a well-balanced, successful, authentic person emerges.

Our Five Main Areas of Specialization are:

I) Programs for Leaders and Managers for Exertiveness, Excellence and Success
II) Diagnosis of and Tools to Remove Blockages in Corporations
III) Facilitating Team-Work Processes
VI) Programs for Stress-Resistancy and Vitality
V) Tools to Enhance Concentration and Clarity of Mind

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The Waldzell Leadership Institute

The Waldzell Meetings established a platform for visionaries who deal with questions beyond our daily-life concerns to develop a more holistic view of the world. The Waldzell Leadership Institute translates this idea in concrete programs for leaders and corporations.
We are pioneers in delivering an ancient science which provides lifestyle, technology and strategies to be able to navigate successfully through the demanding life of a leader in difficult times.