Kundalini Yoga - The Key to Personal Excellence

Kundalini Yoga - The Key to Personal Excellence


Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the once-secret yoga that owns a toolbox for inner peace and sustainable everyday excellence. It has its roots in a more than 7000-year-old history, but was kept secret because of its transformative powers. The visionary yoga master Bhajan brought it to the west from India in the late 60's.

Kundalini Yoga is a Raj Yoga, a Royal Yoga, a spiritual discipline intended, in ancient times, solely for kings to elevate, guide and support those who had the responsibility of leading others to happiness and excellence. Originally, it was taught one to one just by words. Kundalini Yoga is known as the fastest way to achieve a state of yoga and heightened awareness, a complete physical, mental and spiritual balance.


The effects of Kundalini Yoga are proven by science through a number of scientific research works. The applied technologies are concentrated in Kriyas. A Kriya is a sequence of postures (Asanas), combined with hand positions (Mudras), concentration of the eyes (Dhristi), specific breathing techniques (Pranayama) and certain frequencies of sound (Mantra), assembled into a single permutation and combination to stimulate the physical, mental and energetic system. It is a complete action with accurate execution times, pauses and relaxations to allow a certain predictable and desired state of consciousness.

The impact on the body to stimulate the electromagnetic field is accompanied by a decisive operation of the subconscious. The action of the Kriya penetrates the subconscious to remove the blocks that don't allow us to relate to something. On a mental level, it educates the neurons to find new associative paths, unravelling old habitual patterns, opening up new opportunities and scenarios, thus preparing the mind to see as possible something it previously didn't believe.

Kundalini Yoga combines the functional and impersonal minds to interact in certain proportions to experience new mental habits, appropriate for every kind of need, task and situation. The perceptive and creative activity is improved and refined with the meditations and the vibration of the sound current, stimulating the hypothalamus, thalamus and frontal lobe, responsible for the development of our Self Sensory System.

In each technique, directly and indirectly, the Kundalini energy is stimulated to awaken and ascend. This gives clarity, awareness and magnitude to understand the reality of ourselves and of others, and to perceive the consequences of our intentions, words and actions. This acceleration in awareness and pace of change and renewal are supported by the active cooperation of a strong nervous and glandular system, and all other systems are monitored, managed and regulated. Health and vitality enable us to identify ourselves, and then expand.

The subconscious is cleaned through meditation. Its psychic structures, such as the hidden identity with its hidden agenda, personality and reactive form, can be worked on by expanding the energetic body to give us the confidence we need to see them, and the honour of being ourselves. The activation of the frontal lobe gives us the ability to identify and constantly refine thoughts and tendencies. The science of sound, applied in the specific frequencies of these subconscious psychic structures, can alter and transform the contents that make them so.

Kundalini Yoga can be practiced by everyone (also sitting on a chair) and has no special physical or mental requirements.

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