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  • Achieving Higher Goals - Making the Impossible Possible
Achieving Higher Goals - Making the Impossible Possible

Achieving Higher Goals – Making the Impossible Possible

The crucial question is how and from where we can get the power to accomplish what we have to accomplish. It is not enough to accomplish something just because it is our duty. The important thing is to feel the call of duty prevailing in us. When we become able to put our personality, our commotions, our neuroses aside and completely dedicate us to doing the job, then we surrender to the call of duty and this means victory.

The more we want to achieve higher goals, the more we have to be excellent in the creative process of manifesting our intentions. The art of creating and changing the actual circumstances follows very precise laws, the laws of nature. The natural process of creating starts with the right attention, that forms into a firm intention, that invokes a cohesiveness, which leads to a strong projection and ends up in action. The final action should bring the deliverance of the intention. 

Central Aspects

  • Feeling the call of duty
  • The creative process to manifest an intention
  • The process of perception - conception - deliverance
  • The art of fighting and the art of victory 
  • Trusting yourself, trusting the unknown, be trusted by others
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