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Counteracting Stress into Vitality

Counteracting Stress into Vitality

Stress is not an illness, it is a condition. Stress means the pressure that life exerts upon us and the way this pressure makes us feel and act. Too much unprocessed stress will ultimately “distort” us. We lose our shape, our focus, our health, our sense of self. We experience stress and tension when our inner resources are inadequate or blocked and we can not meet the challenges effectively.

Recognizing the signs of stress is important because they can build up and reveal themselves in so many different ways. It is often easier to notice them in other people than in ourselves. It is a vicious cycle - the more stressed we become the more our judgment narrows and distorts. The particular patterns are individual, they arise along with the stress personality. When we recognize our internal and external sources of stress and overcome or adapt to them with grace, intelligence and gratitude, we become more relaxed. In that deep relaxation, we can tap into our own vitality.

Central Aspects

  • Identify our stress personality and learn how to deal with it
  • Learn how to prevent stress, deal with it when it is happening and recover from it
  • Understand and compare the qualities of vitality, stress and relaxation
  • Experience tools to enhance quickly your vitality, endurance and mental clarity on the spot
  • Enhance our core vitality, endurance and mental clarity
  • Explore consciousness as a primary tool in avoiding stress and building vitality
  • Experience the stress-free zone
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