Concentration and Focus

Concentration and Focus – More Available Time

The way how we use the time given to us will decide about how successful, how fulfilled and how happy we will be. When we are in contact with our essence and cease experiencing duality, we progress from diverted to attentive, from dispersed to contained, from insecure to confident, from wanting to control to containing – from managing time to expanding time. 

The process of identifying with a thought, the word that follows, and the action it performs, is the most powerful creative form that exists. The extend to which we are able to consciously direct this process will determine how much we are able to create the time we need to fulfill our tasks. It is, therefore, not important if we have the most brilliant thought or super idea, but the way in which we allow ourselves to accept it and process it will confirm our success or impede it.

Central Aspects

  • The art of concentrating and the art of getting distracted
  • Understanding a thought as a powerful projected reality in space and time
  • Learn how the mind and brain can be cohesive to one single thought
  • Manage energy not time
  • Learning the art of distraction and 360° concentration
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