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  • Team Relations and Motivating Communication
Team Relations and Motivating Communication

Team Relations and Conscious Communication

We spend most of our life in relationships. Conscious communication is critical to effectiveness and satisfaction in every relationship. We live and work in groups. Communication between two people is complicated, in a team it takes on a complex dynamic. Our capacity to use conscious communication in teams is essential for every enterprise in which we aspire to succeed. 

At the pinnacle of our capacities is the ability to speak intuitively and meditatively. This is when we become conscious of our words before we speak them. It is when we sense not just the content of the words, but also the meaning below the surface. We intuit the implications and results of those words. Relationships are dynamic not static. They change with each of our actions and thoughts. 

Central Aspects

  • Define the characteristics of authentic team relationships 
  • Identify the core paradox in team relationships, transform it from problem to opportunity 
  • Understand the spectrum of communication in teams and groups 
  • The pivotal role of silence within the self – Stillness and the power of your word 
  • Importance and results of deep listening - Recognize and engage in dialogue 
  • Achieve a common goal through the art of sharing and understanding a common notion
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