Exertive Leadership

Exertive Leadership

A leader is constantly exposed to people, environment and circumstances, carrying the responsibility to keep assessing everything in the midst of great absorption in the task at hand. The intensity of the process of achievement and rhythm of performance can often overwhelm the leader to the point to drain his intuition, energy, creativity and motivation which are essential and peculiar of the exertive leader. 

Being exertive means to use the radiant authority, presence and expertise in order to make something happen despite any adverse circumstances. It is the ability to be in contact with reality and assess the circumstances even while completely absorbed in action, to hold each boundary and division of role with integrity and accuracy. It is the faculty of superior manners and social interactions, which requires the capacity to counteract stress into vitality. Being exertive is the sine qua non of success, prosperity and happiness in this time of transition to a new paradigm. 

Central Aspects

This seminar series teaches the attitude and technology to transfer the stress load to the proper physical and energetic systems so they can be dealt with. Thus the leader becomes able to go over what generally is believed to be possible. Central aspects of this seminar are:

  1. Presence, Impact and Charisma
  2. Adaptive Flexibility in Transitional Times
  3. Intuitive Decisiveness
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